The Price of ELO Boosting!

In the game of League of Legends there’s a submarket called “elo boosting” and what this is, is getting the rating or the “rank” of a player and pushing it further upwards in the rankings for a profit, meaning that if you were rank 10000 and you wanted to go to rank 100 then you would pay to someone good enough to take you there and make sure that your character or account in League of Legends stays there, and to this rank or rankings we give it the name of “ELO” and the push upwards it’s called “boost”.

price of elo boosting

Although the term ELO was taken out of the game of LoL and replaced with divisions and leagues, it’s basically the same ranking system and therefore everyone just calls it ELO. And thus the market for super good players to boost the bad ones opened, a lot of people ask us what’s the elo boost price and the truth is that it varies, for example the website oedge is well known for having some of the fairest prices there are in the market and for that we have to salute them giving a fair cut and everything to the boosters and protecting the player’s (customers) account.

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