Elite Gamers

First of all What are they?


Kor'kron Juggernaut

Most games perform boosts for other players and that’s how they make a living, what’s boosting? well boosting is taking someone elses account and playing it like if it was yours and just getting the rating the “customer” wants and then getting payed for it, there are tons if not thousands of way to do this, there’s also the way where you just play with the customer as a team and you end up increasing your rating and his rating at the same time.

heroic 11-14 SoO run

Not everyone can do these boosts, you have to be fairly professional and VERY SKILLED in order to do so, you have to play high rated arenas in world of warcraft in like 2800 rating or more, or even rated battle-grounds that have about the same 2400 rating cap where you could consider yourself skilled enough to be able to boost or coach or anything like that. League of Legends has the same system and it’s actually easier to do one of these boosts because you don’t even need a team, you can just play with the customer as if it was a normal game and boost him like that. You just find yourself a MMR increase in League’s system boost in League to get better elo and you got yourself a deal playing with a top diamond 1 or even challenger player by your side that will take your gaming experience to the next level, you will definitely, DEFINITELY change the way you think about playing within seconds as you play with these guys or you give your accounts to them you can also find a really good service right here: www.lol-boost-elo.com which is pretty much the same as the one offered in elitist-gaming.

Full Heroic SoO run

Another good thing you can do to improve your gaming experience at least in league of legends super easy is to just get yourself some brand new accounts and just play with them with different champions and runes and everything so that you learn everything about everyone in every single possible scenario and you never sacrifice the rating of your main. This way you will learn a lot more and then improve your game because you will understand by first hand how everything works, how the champions work and what they do so you will learn how to counter those things. What I advice you guys to do is to go and buy lol accounts for sale and just start with it, get your smurf account ready to rock and start owning some noobs in no time what so ever, please do so and you will never ever ever regret about doing that because you will just start ranking your division and improving your elo like you wouldn’t believe.


Sometimes you’ll stop and wonder where you can get all these things and the truth is that hard work and dedication is what gets all these guys to the top and help you to improve your game so much better than any other person, so what you have to do then is search for places where you can improve. Like in Elitist Gaming WoW Accounts For Sale you will find yourself in a position where there’s no risk of anything and you’ll get the best of the best players to help you out there.

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