Challenge Modes

WoW Challenge Modes


Ok so the challenge modes are some extremely difficult form of raiding in dungeons that was implemented in World of Warcraft as a way to induce players into enhancing their skill level in a way that will alter their own gameplay for the better.

So why everyone needs a Challenge mode Boost?

Well the answer is simple, they are just too hard, and not the dungeon themselves but to find people to do them unless you are in a high-end heroic raid, I’m talking about the ones that go for the World First kills in the bosses as soon as the expansion has been released.

impossibly hard challenge mode boosts

Yes, those raiders, to unless you are part of that elite group of players, there’s no way you’ll get into a challenge mode, or probably you will but then there’s yet another catch, the timings, you see they are just as rankings in arena, you finish them in a certain time and you get a time score for that, so… the idea was that everyone should shoot for the time that was labeled as “Gold” BUT it was too damn hard, no one would ever get that timing even if they tried with their own heart and soul, why? Because again.. getting  a group for that was horribly hard.


You guessed it.. buying them, and I’m not talking about buying a Challenge mode Boost through a vendor in WoW or something like that, no hell no, I’m talking about getting those sick amazing guilds to just run you through those challenges for either gold or for the exchange of money which isn’t ideal but once you get into them you will see that they are so impossibly hard that you will just DESIRE to get one no matter what the cost is, even if it costs you some real life money, which shouldn’t be a big deal since you are playing for the game of WoW – World of Warcraft already anyways.


So that’s my time in here, hope you check again and until then…. see you owning noobs!

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